Hungary / trance music festival Ozora



Again, back in summer 2012 I got the opportunity to work in a trance music festival ‘Ozora’ – one of the most well known and biggest trance parties in Europe.


On my way there I didn’t miss the opportunity to see Hungary itself and wasn’t disappointed at all. Probably the most beautiful place to go there is the lake Balaton – crystal clear water, easily accessible (close to the road and even the highway), absolutely worth to visit and enjoy the nature. Another stop, Budapest, also surprised me. Spending about 5 nights instead of 2 was  a good decision – little streets of the oldtown made me feel welcomed. Unfortunately, I’m unable to tell you anything informative about this city since all I did was walking streets and enjoying surroundings. ;)


Moving through Hungary was no problem at all – hitchhiking there went easier than easy. Well, I’m sure being alone helped a lot, but still, always the first car was the one which stopped. Later on, moving further from main roads and going into tiny villages I faced a problem – had to change cars every 5-10km, just because villagers were going very small distances. It was a bit annoying, but not too much. Also, basically no one was speaking english, but it didn’t cause any difficulties – I just had to be patient while listening to life stories in hungarian.


And then – Ozora. For all trance scene lovers I would definitely recommend to go there, at least once. Personally, those weeks of being there (we arrived earlier to set up our chai shop) were immensely intensive, every single second was full of new impressions, action, mental (in a good sense) people. It was one of the most concentrated periods of my life.

Although I’m not an expert in trance music, I got the opportunity to hear some amazing live acts and DJ’s, also a few my favourite chillout artists. Line-up list is a long one, I bet anyone can find music he likes.

The huge area is full of different spaces, beautiful decorations, trippy constructions, the place has a strong sense of magic itself. Going to the main stage filled with thousands and thousands of people every time was a real adventure. Though you have to be really careful not to take any drugs accidentally – people are giving away and putting them into everywhere, to the level that you even should ask before drinking water from a stranger. Oh well, it’s a rave, what do you expect? :)


Regarding drugs there was a huge scandal that year. One afternoon I woke up to the view of dozens of heavily armed policemen among all ravers. Walking arround I was seeing loads of armoured vehicles and scary looking police officers with dogs. Eventually I got the news – because of the incredible publicity of drugs word came out, as a result police arrived to arrest the dealers. Somehow (there were many conspiracy theories) they managed to find most of them in the huge crowd. However, after that day many others followed when I was able to see policemen walking around. At the end they didn’t bother too much since they were not entering the stages and weren’t interrupting dancing or partying. An interesting incident to spice up the events, huh?

In Ozora this has never happened before, though I guess it was a good lesson since the drug market was seriously way too obvious and public.


Despite all this, I can assure you that there is much more to this festival than drugs :) You don’t need to take anything – the environment there is full of miracles, the energy is super positive and uplifting.






A video my friend made about their trip and our experiences in the festival:

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